Friday, February 6, 2009

Young Women Activity Night

I have the Awesome opportunity to serve as the Beehive Advisor in our Kona 2nd Ward. I now have a total of 8 girls (the biggest class in YW) and totally love my girls!! Last night's activity was AMAZING.. Tiare Hee was in charge of it and it took a tremendous amount of organization, planning and time, and I must say.....she did a GREAT job!
The Theme was: Preparing ourselves for Temple Marriage. Our evening started off with the girls walking around to 5 different stations, and at each one there was something to do. Such as: Cutting out a template for a temple wedding dress, listing how many children they'd like to have, picking the colors of their wedding theme, coloring a picture of the temple, making a white colored paper rose, and sewing a white hankerchief. As each girl moved forward after completing each station, it was interesting to hear their thoughts & answers, not to mention just their conversations in general. Tiare's creativity for this activity made it so special.
We as YW leaders were there to assist in whichever way we could. She decorated her downstairs studio apartment to resemble the temple. We dressed in our white dresses to greet them as they entered in one by one. Each girl had a diamond look alike Tiara placed on her head where we crowned them Princesses. They came in and took a seat and had the chance to hear OUR testimonies as mothers and wives already have gone through the temple. They stared in amazement as their eyes took in all of the decorations and I know for certain they felt the spirit as much as we did.
As the evening ended, they each were given a cannister with a few poems inside and a recipe for a healthy temple marriage along with all the things they assembled last night. They were instructed to tuck it away until the day she gets married. At that time, she is supposed to open it and read through it with her husband. I almost cried!!!
We had dinner and desert upstairs and it ended a perfect evening! I even learned to appreciate even more the husband I already have!! ..........I TRULY LOVE MY CALLING IN YW..