Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Beautiful picture of my mom in high school senior year

Handsome picture of my dad (lower right) in the military

Uncle Douglas, Grandpa & Uncle Moke Hiram

My cheerleading days back at Oakley Middle School 1986
Me & Jill at the Hauula House ............a long long time ago!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Baby Tony & his first Pinewood Derby race.........

Tony's qualifying derby car.......

(L-R)cousin Amari, baby Tony, cousin Elias at the Boys Scouts Derby Makahiki

It's that time of year again when the cub scouts and boys scouts gather together for their "MAKAHIKI" event. Their Pinewood Derby race is also held during the same time... Our boys (Ephraim, Anton, Amari, Elias and Tony) had fun today... Dressed up in their uniforms, our boys began the day at 7am...ready to solute during the flag raising ceremony held at Hale Halawai in downtown Kona.... What a Beautiful day it was with blue clear skies and sunny warm temperatures to match..... everyone came out to support this yearly event.. Tony & baby Tony had quite a bit of Father-Son bonding time working on baby Tony's pinewood derby car. During the sanding & painting process all the way down to screwing on the wheels and giving it the last finishing touches it needed to qualify for the race.... It was a success and our kids had fun and really enjoyed themselves!!!


Fou & Makana helped out by selling drinks at the Fundraising event... Good Job girls!



Our boys on the Kona Bulls rugby team has been working so very hard to earn their way to Oahu next week for their team's championship tournament. Between their practices, they've somehow managed to sell their tickets needed for their steak fry event.
It was an awesome evening full of hard work, enjoying friends, and not to mention Awesome entertainment put on by friends & families and also Island Breeze entertainment....from the maori haka, to the samoan & tongan taualuga, tahitian dances and even the fire knife dance. Thanks to our good friend Trish who headed the kitchen, we served over 300 plates just in the first round... Steak plates consisted of:
*Bottled Water

The monies made was over the amount that we needed to send our boys to Oahu next week.... Yipee!!! Enjoy the pics!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Handsome son Ephraim and niece Aryn

Ephraim & Aryn again......
Aryn FINALLY got her Cotton Candy!!!

The 2 Rascals are like 2 peas in a pod... always together!! Tony & Audrey
The family paused for a quick pose!
Me & Hubby....holding kenan as he was soo scared of the cotton candy...hee hee
Fou & Tony had a ball.....everything was FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
Ephraim & Honey-bee.....

Couldn't believe our ears when we heard that the "Kids Free Day Fair" today would be FREE.........everything! From face painting, to keiki ID's, to cotton candy, shaved ice, cake, chili & rice, hand outs, jumper castles, hot dogs, entertainment and sooo much more.. Our kids had a blast! We met up with Kierstin and her kiddies and they enjoyed themselves so much. We then went to the movies to watch '17 again', and 'Hannah Montana' (again). It was a good day.

Friday, April 17, 2009



Here in the islands we are blessed to be surrounded by an vast array of colors, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. After all, we do live here in paradise, where just about ANYTHING can grow. Here in Kona, we have a few Farmers markets here & there where the local farmers grow and harvest their own crops and bring it all to one place to sell it to the public........WE TOTALLY LOVE IT!! It gives me the chance to be creative with my cooking in and to keep my kids eating healthy.........Stir fry's, salads, grilled, raw, or just to snack on....MMMMMMMMMM ONOLICIOUS!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


This weekend was full of reflecting, relaxing and remembering.......On Saturday while Tony, Uncle Raymond and the "boys" were away in Hilo for Anton's rugby game, I had the chance to sleep in, eat breakfast in my pajamas with Ephraim, Fou & Tony and enjoy the cool breezes and sunrise over Hualalai as we sat on our back patio that overlooks the ocean...
we got ready and went to watch the Hannah Montana movie that was just GREAT! I haven't really been a Miley Cyrus fan........till now! Her new movie was definitely worth taking my kids to see and also had me reminiscing about my childhood years growing up and how important FAMILY really is and knowing & remembering where you came from!

After the boys came home, we ended our day throwing some Steaks and potatoes on the grill with steamed veggies, and since we have started gathering together around our dinner table to sit & eat our meals instead of everyone sitting where they want to sit, it's been absolutely entertaining!! Our kids have stories after stories to tell, and while we're eating we talk about upcoming family events, and it simply brings our family closer together! After dinner we watched a very good movie with our family......."FAITH.......LIKE POTATOES" which was very inspiring, motivating and uplifting!!

The kids woke us up by crawling in our bed. EASTER SUNDAY........we attended our church meetings and remembered the Antonement & Sacrifice of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. We wanted to keep the true spirit of Easter alive throughout the day so as we enjoyed our dinner (pork roast with gravy, steamed zuchinni & carrots, bread & butter and fresh papaya and tangelo's, caramel brownie cups and chocolate devil's food cake with home-made frosting & chocolate chips... Fou's new developed talent in baking!! Great job Foufou! and we watched a church movie then had an awesome Family Home Evening!! I'm loving these times we spend as "family." and especially while the kids are still young....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Jeron & Kenan (my twin nephews) developed their own version of the Maori "Haka." They learned it from a rugby movie they've been watching and so every now & then (when they're not shame) they'll do it for you..........Anton seems to bring it right out!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Fou & Anton at Lokela's baby party 4/4/09

Ephraim & Jonah...........hangin out at Lokela's baby party
Fou sporting her temporary "Tatoo"

Baby Tony was soooo tired, he fell asleep while he was eating his hamburger & fries...

With all the happenings we have going on in the Palepoi home, it's amazing how I even find time to blog... We had a fantastic weekend filled with family visits, a rugby game, a baby luau, cleaning house and even to grocery shop!! YEAHH!!! Last week, I had some time to spend with my kids and also get them ready for school starting again after being off for Spring Break for 2 weeks... I've had it's back into the GRIND... Love you guys!