Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay, maybe my spirits aren't as high as usual but there's something about the VOG here in Kona. For those who don't know what VOG is, it's our version of L.A. SMOG.... only our VOG comes from the constant volcano flow (ash & smoke) here. We've had a few days last week of beautiful clear, blue, sunny skies with slight cool tradewinds however we had a few days of drizzles & rain.. which is nice to have in between the hot weather. I hope the VOG subsides soon to give our breathing passage ways a rest.....

Anton's been sick with fever for the past several days & I'm sure with some rest, he will regain his health & strength. Ephraim is home too with a sore back from weight lifting after school for football training, but he's been motivated to work at it, I'm so proud of him! He came to work with me today until Aunty Jill picks him up to take him to lunch for his birthday... Thanks Aunty Jill!

Tonite we have our Young Women's activity night at the movies & the Young men and Preisthood will be at the Bowling Alley... I'll be posting some pics soon!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Our eldest son Ephraim Alofaio Unauna Semo just turned 15.... WOW! Can't believe it... I'm feelin old right about now. We had a Great memorial weekend as we relaxed & spent time with our family at home. Ephraim wanted his birthday nice & simple and that's exactly what we did. We invited everyone over for a BBQ with salads & deserts and it turned out to be a pretty fun evening..... Happy Birthday Son, WE LOVE YOU!


A good friend of ours made her first few batches of creampuffs......all we have to say is?? ONOLICIOUS!!

Hurray!!! Aunty Dayla's Pool.........

"Aunty Dayla's Pool!!!" our kids are soooo familiar with this phrase.... Our long time family friend Dayla Clarke lives right up the road from us just a few minutes away, and yes! SHE HAS A POOL. We all Love to go there, not only for the pool for the panoramic view of the entire kona coastline. The blue skies and ocean is truly visible from the balcony of her house.

Saturday, we packed a few snacks and headed over there for a day at the pool. Totally underestimating the scattered clouds & minimal sunshine, I failed to put some sunscreen on myself and my kids bodies & faces..(bad mother)...hehehehehe. That didn't seem to stop us.... we swam for hours on end with the kids as we all splashed & played in the warm kona sunshine. It was definitely a treat beyond measure. Thanks Dayla for your awesome hospitality!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Being Parents of Teenagers!

Hair gel, body spray, cologne, sweaty socks, wall posters, seminary, youth activities, firesides, football practices, cell phone bills, constant outdated wardrobes, dances, phone calls, myspace, youth conference, football camps, shopping etc ..........YUP! you got it.......we literally have 3 going on 4 TEENAGERS in our house.. It's a lot more fun than I anticipated and we are fortunate to have good kids! This year has been one of our busiest.......we are looking forward to Youth Conference coming up soon, football practices & camps as well. Tony & I have caught onto their excitement and support our children 200% in all they do! I am Grateful to have the opportunity to learn with my children as they grow & mature in life, not only physically, but spiritually, mentally & emotionally as well.

Although at times it may seem as if we are being hard on them regarding homework & grades, they handle themselves pretty well. TV is no longer an option in our home rather reading & homework is their first & only choice. I find it humorous to listen to the kids conversation with the younger ones about school, church & friends. When I think back & 'remember when' I was their in the world did my parents put up with me????? hahahahahaha j/k.... Heavenly Father has definitely blessed us both with patience, time, sacrifice & determination to teach our children according to HIM. I know that time is of the essence when it comes to parenting children. I'm no expert however I believe that to be true with all my heart. I can still remember being a new mom wondering if I will be just as great as my mom was to us?? I try everyday to live up to those expectations in all that I do for my far? I think I'm doing a pretty good job :-)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


(above) Baby Tony swingin from the tree........

(above) The kids standing in line to jump off the diving board.....

(above) enjoying some lunch & goodies........

Up & packing to reserve a nice shady area at our local pool to set up tent & food for Baby Tony's 9th birthday celebration..... It sure was nice spending the day with our family & friends while partaking of some pure 100% Hawaii sunshine......we spent nearly 5 hours swimming, eating, laughing and enjoying Tony's special day. Tonite, I am rubbing yogurt on my sunburned body (yess, yogurt cures sunburn instantly!) and also keeps you from peeling the next day.... You should try it, it really does work! Thank you to my family for making this a special day for all of us.........we had a Great Day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Young Women Beauty Night......

I just ADORE our Young Women.....Their strength, vitality, upheld morals & values is what makes them sooo special!!! Every Thursday night, we have activities with our Young men and women.. From slumber parties & welcoming our newest beehives to the YW program, to teaching our girls new & exciting things that they will use throughout their lives.

Last night, the girls learned how to apply make up. Eyeshadows, lip glosses, lid liners, & blushes is what they used to 'decorate' each other's face. They had fun experimenting with different colors & shades not to mention learning a few new beauty tips here & there.....It was fun and we ended with some refreshments.

I appreciate every young women in our program and their individuality they bring to class every sunday. It's like a smorgasborg of testimonies that we all feed off of. I'm Grateful for my calling as an advisor in our Program and Thankful for our Leaders.

Monday, May 11, 2009


(above) Picture taken in our front yard before church with my kiddies

(above)Baby Tony enjoying some Island Style Breakfast.....

(above) Anton too.............

(above) Me & Aryn at Mother's Day B-fast.......

(above) The Twins fanning each other instead of the food...hehehehe

(above) Mana, Keers & Jeron

(above) Tony & Ephraim takin a break, gettin ready to serve the MOMMA'S....

What an Awesome weekend we had spent with family & friends for Mother's Day......Saturday morning started off with a 7am temple session along with our Kona 2nd Ward Relief Society sisters in celebration of Mother's day.....After an inspiring morning, we headed to our Stake Center where the men & young men prepared a delicious breakfast for the women which consisted of pancakes, sausage, eggs & rice. Entertainment & decorations went hand in hand with an overwhelming supply of hugs & kisses from not only our children, but other ward members as well...... MAHALO!

The other half of the day was a special treat made up of pedicures, foot massages, 5-minute body massages and sewing handmade bags.... After all was said & done, Tony & I treated our kids to the movies to watch WOLVERINE... I must say, it was very good. Since our tummy's were full of popcorn, skittles, & goobers, we decided to head home to rest for the sister called & invited us over to her house for a BBQ dinner to spend with our Aunty Queeney visiting us from Oahu. We enjoyed an evening of laughs & stories...... It was a good night!

Sunday began with my kids giving me hugs n kisses, a card & lei's, Fou baked some chocolate chip cookies too.....At church the mother's were greeted with single long stem roses along with tons of hugs n kisses from everyone there. My husband spoke in Sacrament on the true meaning behind "Mother's Day".....he did such a great job and I was proud his time he spent on his preparation (1 week). We stopped at the Farmers market on our way home so I can prepare my fruit salad & tossed green salad to my sisters house for Mother's Day dinner. We played "How well do you know your MOM?" and our kids did Great! we ended with prayer and made our way home.......

I am sooo appreciative for the opportunity that I've had to know my MOM. She has taught me everything I know today. Her guidance & counsel shared together with Love, concern and genuine support in all I did throughout my life is what I'll treasure the most. She accepted my faults & still Loved me unconditionally. The talents, skills and dedication she had as a mother will remain with me for the rest of my life. She was full of zest for life, and always strived to do her BEST in all she set out to accomplish. Being goal driven was one of her best assetts not to mention her tenacity, her smile, her laugh and her unbelievable cooking skills that she inherited from her mother........our grandmother. Although she is no longer here with us, I continue to talk about her to my own children in hopes that they will have the chance to meet her in person someday. I Love you Mom, Thank you for giving me the most precious gift of all............YOU!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

MAY DAY 2009 KONA.....

Jonah & his sister Kaliko (above) at May day...

Ephraim & his May Day Partner rep'n Maui (above)

Ephraim Alofaio Unauna Semo (15 yrs old)

Morianton Kiwi Palepoi (12 yrs old)

Alafou Lynnette Palepoi (11 yrs old)

Anthony Matua Palepoi (8 yrs old)

Kealakehe May Day Court 2009 (above)
Alafou's class performing for May Day Intermediate

It's that time of year again.............MAY DAY CELEBRATION!!! My day was full bouncing around from one school to another watching our children perform for May Day... For those of you who are not familiar with May Day in Hawaii, The first Lei Day was held on May 1, 1928, and everyone in Honolulu was encouraged to wear lei. Festivities were held downtown with hula, music, lei making demonstrations and exhibits and lei making contests.
The Honolulu Star-Bulletin reported, "lei blossomed on straw and felt hats, lei decorated automobiles, men and women and children wore them draped about their shoulders. To the city Kamehameha's statue extended a garland of maile and plumeria, which fluttered in the wind from its extended hand. Lei recaptured the old spirit of the islands (a love of color and flowers, fragrance, laughter and aloha)."
In 1929, Lei Day was made an official holiday in the territory, a tradition which was interrupted only during the years of World War II, and which continues today.Many celebrations are also held at local schools. Elementary schools hold celebrations crowning Lei Day kings, queens and princesses. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy...........WE LOVED IT!