Thursday, February 10, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!! It's Awesome to be back!

Wow! It's almost been 1 year since my last post and I can't believe how fast time flies. What to talk about first? Where to begin? Okay, well today is February 10, 2011 and so much has happened over the past year and a half. We have been so busy with just about everything from work, church, school, family and everything in between.

Ephraim - is now 16 yrs old and is a Jr. in High School, preparing for college, playing football & rugby, and attending seminary, he has a lot on his plate of goals and "things to accomplish." He's excited about playing ball. Since I've been working for Hawaiian Airlines, my family has been fortunate to fly for free, thus making it possible for Ephraim to fly back & forth to visit his dad and the Semo side of the family quite often. Of course he doesn't mind flying in first class whenever he wants, so it's given him the opportunity to travel. I'm excited for Ephraim to venture out and see what options are available to him in the "college & education" department. Lots to plan for and so much to do.

Anton - is now 14 yrs old and a freshman in high school and so far is enjoying it. He & his older brother are two peas in a pod when it comes to seminary, and church activities. He is familiarizing himself around the school campus and is enjoying all that high school has to offer. He also plays rugby for the Kona bulls and is beginning to envelope his inner talents. After being last year's May Day King at the Intermediate school, he has added to his same circle of friends.

Alafou - is 13 going on 20 and is quite Ms. Congeniality with her classmates and friends. Aside from being chosen to represent the island of Kaua'i in this years May Day program, she is balancing a heavy schedule with a GPA of 3.9. She too is playing rugby for the Kona Bulls this year along side being her class president in the Beehive class at church. She loves her Young Women projects & activities and is a good example to her friends and family.

Tony - he is 10 yrs old and will be 11 in May this year. He is definitely the baby of the family and always seems to get his way. He will be graduating this year from the 5th grade (elementary school) and is on his way to Intermediate school next year. He is the fastest runner in our family and also plays rugby for the Kona Bulls. He has a few girls who think he's cute in his class and laughs about it while he tells me. (quite the man on campus) *wink*. He has done a good job progressing in cub scouts and will soon be transfering to Boys Scouts this coming May.

All 4 of our kids has done a tremendous job balancing their activities, church, school, home & work. We are so proud of all of their accomplishments , time & effort that they put forth into all they do.
I am currently working as a Supervisor for Hawaiian Airlines and wasn't prepared for such a challenging position. It has definitely been a blessing to my family & I to have me work there, although I truly believe there is something else in store for me at the time. Over the past few weeks I've had the time to organize my house, update calendars & chore charts. I even paid a visit to my kids school and sat through a day with them in their classes. It was very interesting, but fun to see how they are at school, around their friends & away from home.

This year has a lot of positive things in store for our family, along with changes, come challenges and progress. All of which we are looking forward to. Our family just created dream boards last week to hang on our walls for encouragement, inspiration and motiavation. Our family home evenings are full of the spirit and has definitely helped with our family's progess.

I am so Thankful for all that we have been blessed with. I'm Grateful to our Loving Heavenly Father for showing us all that we need to do to return to live with him. Through example, faith & testimonies can we be better missionaries and friends to all who are watching. We learn through our mistakes and try our best to do better and move forward.

One of my challenges is to stay on top of my posts on blogspot and keep posting for our friends & family.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Fou has been attending an after school program (Polynesian Club) at her Intermediate school. They practiced for their performance at our Community FREE Kids club fair day at the High School this past weekend. She danced tahitian, tongan, samoan and hawaiian. They did an awesome job!!

Audrey's Baptism

Our Beautiful neice Audrey Haleloke Carter just turned 8 years old and was baptized last week Sunday. It was such an awesome evening filled with the spirit and wise words of wisdom in the talks that we heard. Ward & family members came out to support her in her decision to be baptized.. We Love you Audrey!!


Ephraim had a Great time going to the Jr. Prom with his friend Lingi from church & school. Weeks of preparation, fitting for the tux, comparing colors etc. He had a blast. He danced all night long and didn't sit down except to eat dinner ! hahaha. Thanks Lingi for taking Ephraim....he can't wait till his own Jr. Prom comes along..




(ABOVE) EPHRAIM AND HIS RUGBY TEAM PREPARE TO DO THE "HAKA"'s been a few months now that Ephraim, Anton & Tony have been playing rugby for the KONA BULLS TEAM. Dirty shorts, muddy cleats, and stinky socks and gym bags is what has filled our garage for awhile now. It all pays off itself to see the gratification on our boys faces to know that they played with all their hearts!!! We're so very proud of them in all they set out to accomplish.

Fou has been practicing with a volleyball team here in kona as well and has the perfect height and stature for this awesome game! She has been working hard on her game and plans to keep it up for next season as well.

Sports is such a big thing here in the islands, especially outdoor sports. The kids are having fun and enjoying themselves too.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cub Scout Camp @ Mauna Kea

Baby Tony had a cub scout family campout at Mauna Kea this past weekend. So? all the boys in our household went & enjoyed themselves.......Tony, Anton, Ephraim, baby tony and Jonah... The pictures say it all........from the campfires, to foiled dinners and stargazing with smores.. They had so much fun!!

Picture Day.....

We are so overdue for another family picture, so on my day off I just shot a few pics of my kiddies.... Not too bad for an amateur ;-).....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Years Celebration

We enjoyed our entire Holiday celebration!! We spent time with Jill, Keers, Owen and their families... From popping fireworks to indulging in some onolicious food. Ephraim flew in from Samoa and our family is together once again. Bowling, BBQ'n, shopping, dancing, music, movies you name it, we did's nice to know that we have these fun family times to look forward to... Happy New Year to everyone!! This year will be a year filled with goals, achievements and spending more time with family....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Enjoying the Xmas Break!!

With our kids on Xmas break, and home for the holidays.......keeping them busy is quite a chore. Being that our kids love being together with their cousins, that doesn't seem quite hard... between movies, eating out, sleeping over & BBQ's............WE LOVE FAMILY TIME!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


As xmas break approaches, we try to find every way possible to keep our kids busy... They love spending time with their cousins, watching tv, riding bikes, and other fun stuff too... today was a pretty fun day. My 2 sisters Jill & Keers and all of our kids went to the movies today to watch "The Princess & The Frog," and also "Avatar." It was great spending time with the family. We are still waiting on the arrival of Ephraim. I'm hoping & praying he'll be here Friday!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our family trip to Oahu....

Much needed and long awaited, it was a short yet sweet mini vacation for our family.....We packed and left for Oahu to spend a weekend there seeing the sights, driving around the island and showing the kids my old stomping grounds. Since they've never been to Oahu, this truly was a treat!! We got the hook up from a good friend of mine (Thanks Boy!) to stay in Waikiki in a 2 bdrm condo that overlooked the city... we spent time eating, and driving and enjoying the sights of North Shore......We toured the visitors center at the Laie Temple as well as walked around BYUH for awhile.

We then headed over to the Polynesian Cultural Center where we practically spent the entire day walking through the villages, taking the canoe ride around, and indulging in the polynesian feast that was prepared for us. The highlight of our trip was the new night show called "HA"... meaning the breath of life......... it blew us away, the meaning, the dances, and everything, it was totally spectacular!!!

We're so Grateful that we had the opportunity to go, even though Ephraim was supposed to come but didn't... it's okay, we'll wait till xmas to see him very soon!

Enjoy the pictures that we took.......Love you all!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Can't believe it's that time of year already.The Holiday season has officially begun! Today, started off baking, cooking & cleaning getting ready for today's festivities at Kierstin's house...Jill & her family were there, my family as well, owen's family & also a couple of his high school classmates who were visiting, aunty pinkie & Kaohu and of course our close friend of the family.......Jonah.

Sooo much food and not enough time to devour it all, although we all surely tried... with our turkey, stuffing, mashed potato's, yams, massive side dishes and a variety of deserts, we took the party outside on kierstin's front lawn to rest & relax as we watched the sun set.

It was also Jaron & Kennan's 3rd birthday celebration as well, so we celebrated with cake, ballooons, ice cream and gifts!!!

With so much Grattitude & Humility that we've gained this past year, we look forward to a prosperous new year with growth, in so many directions.......I love my family & I'm Grateful of where I came family means everything to me and I'm Thankful for my Loving parents and everything they've taught me........I AM TRULY BLESSED!!