Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Enjoying the Xmas Break!!

With our kids on Xmas break, and home for the holidays.......keeping them busy is quite a chore. Being that our kids love being together with their cousins, that doesn't seem quite hard... between movies, eating out, sleeping over & BBQ's............WE LOVE FAMILY TIME!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009


As xmas break approaches, we try to find every way possible to keep our kids busy... They love spending time with their cousins, watching tv, riding bikes, and other fun stuff too... today was a pretty fun day. My 2 sisters Jill & Keers and all of our kids went to the movies today to watch "The Princess & The Frog," and also "Avatar." It was great spending time with the family. We are still waiting on the arrival of Ephraim. I'm hoping & praying he'll be here Friday!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our family trip to Oahu....

Much needed and long awaited, it was a short yet sweet mini vacation for our family.....We packed and left for Oahu to spend a weekend there seeing the sights, driving around the island and showing the kids my old stomping grounds. Since they've never been to Oahu, this truly was a treat!! We got the hook up from a good friend of mine (Thanks Boy!) to stay in Waikiki in a 2 bdrm condo that overlooked the city... we spent time eating, and driving and enjoying the sights of North Shore......We toured the visitors center at the Laie Temple as well as walked around BYUH for awhile.

We then headed over to the Polynesian Cultural Center where we practically spent the entire day walking through the villages, taking the canoe ride around, and indulging in the polynesian feast that was prepared for us. The highlight of our trip was the new night show called "HA"... meaning the breath of life......... it blew us away, the meaning, the dances, and everything, it was totally spectacular!!!

We're so Grateful that we had the opportunity to go, even though Ephraim was supposed to come but didn't... it's okay, we'll wait till xmas to see him very soon!

Enjoy the pictures that we took.......Love you all!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Can't believe it's that time of year already.The Holiday season has officially begun! Today, started off baking, cooking & cleaning getting ready for today's festivities at Kierstin's house...Jill & her family were there, my family as well, owen's family & also a couple of his high school classmates who were visiting, aunty pinkie & Kaohu and of course our close friend of the family.......Jonah.

Sooo much food and not enough time to devour it all, although we all surely tried... with our turkey, stuffing, mashed potato's, yams, massive side dishes and a variety of deserts, we took the party outside on kierstin's front lawn to rest & relax as we watched the sun set.

It was also Jaron & Kennan's 3rd birthday celebration as well, so we celebrated with cake, ballooons, ice cream and gifts!!!

With so much Grattitude & Humility that we've gained this past year, we look forward to a prosperous new year with growth, in so many directions.......I love my family & I'm Grateful of where I came family means everything to me and I'm Thankful for my Loving parents and everything they've taught me........I AM TRULY BLESSED!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Anton, Fou & Tony have been practicing 3-4 times a week after school & on the weekends for a samoan dance group that they've been asked to be a part of. The purpose? a fundraiser event for a dear friend of ours who has been diagnosed for 2+ times with cancer. She simply cannot afford her chemothereapy, therefore this event is specifically to help her financially in anyway needed. We love her so much and are so happy that we have had the opportunity to meet her & her wonderful family.

Our 3 children danced for this event and I was soo very proud of them, they did an AWESOME job! I hope you can see & hear the video clearly. Love you Anton, Fou & Tony........

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The Clay Mountains

A small portion of our certification training class in Phoenix



Since I last wrote, we have been extremely busy........well, should I say we all have been very busy... I left for training for my U.S. Airways GSC & CRO certification for my new position at Hawaiian Airlines... so I flew to Phoenix, AZ last Sunday evening (nov. 8) and returned home on Thurs (nov.12th). It was a fun class & I met so many new people from U.S. Airways from LAX, Denver, & San Jose. I passed all of my tests with flying colors and enjoyed our instructor's way of teaching us..... especially being that this is my 1st job with the airlines, I found it quite interesting.

Flying benefits is what I will enjoy the most working for Hawaiian Airlines, especially that my family can fly!! Not only that, but we receive benefits from different companies all over the west coast....

During my stay there, I also had the chance to visit with our dear friend Germaine and her husband. She cooked up some serious delicious food. (she loves to cook).... I enjoyed every minute of my visit with her as she toured me around her gorgeous renovated home that has been a completed project for her & her hubby for quite some time... they're so proud of their hard work.

I couldn't believe how many cactus there were there.........(well i guess so, it is desert after all)...there were clay mountains everywhere, it was as if we were in playdough land...hehehe. I couldn't get over how cheap gas was and also food in the grocery store... something I miss so much!!

Tony has also been busy with work and I thank him so much for his hard work & dedication in caring for our family!! I love you honey!!

Ephraim will be visiting us for x-mas break and we cannot wait.. it's been 7 long months and we all miss him so much...all 4 of our children have been doing fantastic in school, church and extra cirricular activities..........we are so very proud of them.

With the holidays approaching rapidly, our family is planning some fun things to do involving travel. Maybe a trip outer island on our days off and a little shopping in between..... exciting exciting exciting.!

Friday, November 6, 2009


With the economic decline that we're all experiencing in one way or another, we've had our family's share of ups & downs. Through our tested FAITH, OBEDIENCE and the certain POWER OF PRAYER, we have been tremendously blessed in many ways. For 6 months now, I have been trying to get on board with Hawaiian Airlines. Not only for secured income, but as we all know.............THE TRAVEL PERKS......WE CAN FLY!!! yipee.... I finally got hired a few days ago and I'm so excited to start. I have training in Pheonix, Arizona next week, then Honolulu.

Tony will now take over my full-time job here at the Resort......Our family has been so blessed!! We are GRATEFUL ............

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pula kids....

We had the Pula kids over for dinner last night and as always, our kids had so much are a few pics of the kids.......foolin around.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Trunk or Treat.....

We had a Fun night taking all the kids to our Wards Annual Halloween Trunk or Treat at the chapel.... Here are just a few pics to show how much fun we had...

Friday, October 30, 2009




My apologies everyone for not posting in such a long time.... So much has happened which has taken up a lot of my time for blogging and taking!

There was recently a tsunami & earthquake in SAMOA where Ephraim is living and so although he's fine and so is his family, there are other things that needed to be tended to. I'm in the process of coordinating a concert event for the families of SAMOA who have suffered tremendous loss (lost family members and/or personal items & belongings.. to help raise monies to help them in any we can. I am working together with the Red Cross Association of America (Hawaii State Chapter) to ensure a successful event on Oahu at the Turtle Bay Hilton.

I miss Ephraim so much and can't wait till he comes home for the holidays. Tony, the kids & I are doing great otherwise. Staying busy with school, church, home & family is where we give our 100%.

Anton & Fou recently received their Progress Reports and happily can say that they are A students this year...*ALL SMILES*.... we are very proud of their accomplishments & efforts.

I'll try to stay on top of my postings!!! Sorry everyone....

Friday, September 25, 2009



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

After church pics

As you know, my family loves taking pictures!! Here are a few!!


Our family decided to join my brother Owen & his wife fishing this past Saturday.. So, we packed up the cooler with drinks & snacks, got our poles & chairs and headed down to do some fishing!! The kids had never been fishing here before & they had a really good time! From fish to eels, sting rays, puffer fish, octopus and even a shark! We saw it all and had so much fun, the kids didn't want the night to end. Here are some of our fun pix of that night....