Friday, July 31, 2009

Fou is now in our Young Women program!!!

12 years old is such a good age........I remember so much I've learned since I turned 12, especially as a part of our Young Women's program in church. From cooking & cleaning, to working, babysitting, & service projects etc. It was a fun time of my life and just the beginning of being a TEENAGER.

Our daughter Fou has finally entered into Young Women after turning 12 years old last Tuesday. She's so excited to be able to participate in all the Youth activities such as Personal Progress, weekly activities, dances, dinners, awards, campouts & sleepovers..

I am the Beehive Advisor in our Kona 2nd ward and truly enjoy our girls so much. They teach me so much on a regular basis and just to see them grow in so many different areas of their lives as a young woman in the church makes me so happy to know that my daughter will be learning these same values..... I can't belive that I still remember our Young Woman theme... I thank our YW Presidency for their hard work and diligence in all they do. I have the opportunity to work with an Awesome Presidency on a regular basis...........Fou has so much to look forward to!

Last night our YW program welcomed in Fou with a Pool party & BBQ at our ward members house. The girls had a blast and swam to their hearts content... The food was ono!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hurray!! I found some pictures that I forgot to post from Anton's Boys Scout Camp that they had a few weeks back. They earned some very important Merit badges and we're soo very proud of him.. they spent about a week camping up at Camp Honoka'ia in Honoka'a and learned so much... Here's a few pics.........Love you Anton!

Visit with the Barhoum Family, Jake & Dayla...

Me, Keers, Marla, Dayla & Jill.......(above)

Fou and Hana

It was a short, but fun visit to see Marla & meet her new ohana at Dayla & Jakes house yesterday evening.. We all met up there for some one on one time to visit, swim, enjoy some good food and chit chat with one another... Since it was also the same day as our kids birthday slumber party, we had to cut our visit short... We plan to have their family over for dinner this weekend to have the opportunity to really sit down and visit with them... Here are a few photo's we took yesterday... it was sure great to see them!


It was my first experience to have 2 birthday celebrations in one family at once!!! Anton turned 13 and Fou turned 12......We celebrated it by having a few of their close cousins & friends over, and enjoyed dinner teriyaki chicken wings, tossed salad, pizza bites, & lemonade. (At Fou's request).....we pitched aunty keers tent in our front yard where the girls slept, or at least tried to sleep through the night till the rain storm hit.....hahahaha. They were soaking wet!

Anyway, the kids made & decorated their own cupcakes in all different kinds of flavors & colors and ate it with ice cream to their hearts content. They opted to watch the new Harry Potter movie, and play some video games, open gifts, listened to music, and 10:30pm? their mini talent show began!! It was hilarious......Tony & I just sat there in amazement at their creativity & humor.... I'm so glad our kids had fun.......Enjoy the pics!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Dads are so special in each & every way..........During my dads visit, everyone had their own one on one time to spend with dad & Sue... I'm so Grateful for a loving father who with a stern voice, showed us unconditional love from when we were young. He has taught me so much, from hard work, to discipline, spontaneity (sp?), humor, and more hard work! We've been so fortunate to learn and grow with the things he's taught us. We had a wonderful visit with him & his new family this past week. While staying with him at his vacation house, we had the chance to hang out, chat, rest, relax, laugh, cry and talk story with him before he goes home. Sooooo much to be Grateful for..............WE LOVE YOU DAD & SUE!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yipee!! Dad, Sue(dads wife), Kathleen(Aunty), Grandma Roberta, Erika (sister) & Bryan(brother-in-law) just arrived from Washington yesterday. They are vacationing in a Gorgeous house that is big enough for a mini family reunion...hahaha. The kids just swam all night long as we visited under the stars... we'll be heading back everyday during their visit to spend as much time with them as we can. Stay posted and I'll be posting more pictures soon.!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


There comes a time in a persons life where somewhere along the journey, there are certain people, or different places that cause us to re-think our purpose for why we seem to do the things we's called our "AHA" moments.. I've had a few in less than a month that have completely re-vamped my direction , and somehow given me that inspiration & motivation I need to push forward. This includes attending our Beautiful Kona Temple that we have right here in our backyard. I find so much joy & peace when I'm there, that helps me to focus on our true meaning & purpose here on earth.

My 4 children bring true happiness to my heart knowing that I am their mother. We as parents hope & pray daily that we are doing the best that we can guiding & directing them as Heavenly Father would like us to. I, on the other hand know that I am learning with each passing day to become a better wife, mother, sister & daughter.

Our world today is corrupt at times, pin pointing things that really don't matter. We can choose to focus on all the negetivity in the world, or we can CHOOSE to change things in a positive manner. I am so blessed to have been born to my parents Joseph & Audrey Keliiholokai. The teachings that they taught me as a child growing up were amazing! and I wouldn't change anything for the world. Our challenges & hardships that we had as children, were learning experiences for me, and especially now as a mother & wife of my own family, it truly has taught me lessons along life's pathway.

I just had another "AHA" moment tonite and thought I'd share that......stay tuned as there WILL be more to come! Love & appreciate you all.....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy Busy Busy.....

With all that's been happening in our Palepoi household within the past several weeks, we've been busy-bee's with family visits, work, church, and more work. All Great things...........We've had Sini & Uncle Tupe visit us from Utah & Texas, Janet & Lynnette visiting from Vegas, Tenny & Marc visiting from Salt Lake, Utah, and Ephraim leaving for Samoa to live with his dad.. Lots of emotions goin I mentioned..........All Great things!

We have truly been blessed with our jobs, our health & strength, and especially being members of this soo Wonderful church. We have so much to be Grateful for especially at this time where the economy isn't the best. All we can do is have FAITH and keep moving forward. The Gospel gives us hope, inspiration, and a brighter outlook on life!!

Thanks for staying tuned to our blogger.... We love & appreciate you all.