Friday, August 28, 2009


She is the youngest girl in Tony's family..........Fiti and her husband Daniel tied the knot a few weeks ago, and we're soooo excited for them both! Fiti made a beautiful bride and Dan a very handsome groom. Although we were unable to make it to the wedding in Utah, we were able to steal some pictures from everyone's myspace & facebook...hehehehe. She looked Gorgeous in her wedding dress and I loved the green & black colors that blended so well with her "VINTAGE" theme......Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. DeWitt!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I stole 2 pictures from Ephraim's Aunty & Cousins facebook & myspace...since he doesn't have any recent ones. He is doing good in Samoa with his seminary, school & football. He's recently just recovered from strep throat, but after seeing the dr. there, he seems to be doing a lot better. We miss him so much and can't wait to see him during x-mas break.........

Monday, August 24, 2009


Can't believe another year has come & gone.........Yes I am the big "36"... wow! I had a wonderful day spent with my family... My hubby made an ono breakfast for me before I headed to work for a few hours, only to have lunch with my good friends Kanoe & Lopaka at Macaroni Grill....We had a great visit with them all the while enjoying some good food! We went home and spent time with my kids and watched movies and ate junk food for the rest of the night........I HAD A GREAT BIRTHDAY!


Some of our very good friends from Federal Way Washington (Mana & Melissa Havili)'s oldest daughter Megan who is now 21 years old.......(still can't believe it), came here for her roomates wedding (Jamie Dumaguin) who just happens to be good friends with us as well, and a member of our ward..(SMALL WORLD!!) Anyhoo, Megan has been here for a week and she's been such a joy to have.. It's been awesome catching up with her in all her progress in college, and life in general. We're so proud of her and promised her that we would make it up to Wa. for her wedding in the next few years.. She's beautiful in everyway and reminds me so much of her parents. Her mom & dad are and will always be soooo VERY SPECIAL to my entire family.!!! We love you Megan and hope to see you folks again soon!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Model Material

Our daughter Fou has grown so much in the last few months and now reaches 5ft 6in tall. Keep in mind that she's only 12 years old...Modeling might be in her future.. We were just fooling around with my camera taking snap shots since she seems to love the camera so much and the camera loves her too ;-)....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We had so much fun this past weekend, that we just HAD TO DO IT ONE MORE TIME!! We had everyone over our house for dinner.. it is Tony's specialty.......Teriyaki, avocado, bacon, mozerella cheese melted all in between artesian square rolls....we haven't even given it a name yet... IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! Everyone came over for dinner last night. We had one last chance to see our aunty's before leaving to go always, the kids had fun hangin out and so did we!

Monday, August 17, 2009


What comes to mind when I think of "FAMILY?"...........Love, togetherness, laughter & joy!! This weekend was full of it during our weekend in Waikoloa.....Aunty Lani, Aunty Moana, Aunty Noreen, Uncle Harvey, Aunty Pinkie and cousin Kaohu treated all of us to a stay in Waikoloa this weekend for a fun filled weekend of Ono food, fun, laughs, ono food, fun laughs and much more!! It was such an event and I'm glad our children were able to witness this....I felt my mom there with us as we talked about our childhood, growing up, our parents, grandparents etc. All the while, enjoying some good ol home cookin and lots of fun in the sun! It definitely motivates me to start my geneology work for the next generation to have.... I'm so Grateful to come from such an awesome, talented family.....Thank you mom & dad for all you've taught us!! I'm proud of who I am!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Night at Pele's Pottery Barn....

The Theme for this year's Young Women Program is the Parable of "The 10 Virgins" being prepared in all you do.. Our Young Women met last night at our local Pottery Barn to mold, sculpt & shape our Herodian Lamps....We had so much fun spending time together and having the opportunity to chit chat with our young women in our ward. They have so much talent & vivacity and I'm always inspired, uplifted & rejuvinated whenever I'm with them..... We had a Wonderful Time!!


I'm so proud of all 4 of our kids and their hard work & efforts that they put forth in all they do. We truly have been blessed in many ways.........Enjoy the pictures!!

Baby Tony: is 9 yrs old and in the 4th grade at Kealakehe Elementary School. He's so inquisitive about everything and anything and always has questions to ask me... his mind is always running and I love his random thoughts that he constantly blurts out.. it makes me laugh!! His organizational skills are impeccable and he reminds me so much of his dad! He enjoys school very much as well as going to church on Sundays...He is our big little helper at home too, always eager to help....

Fou: Is 12 yrs old going on 25.....She's in 7th grade and has grown soo much within the past few months.. She's almost taller than me! She's so full of vibrance & energy and loves her school work & stays on top of her homework! She's now a part of our Young Women program in our ward and truly enjoys the friendship of the girls. She's a big help around the house when it comes to cooking & baking....her brownies and homemade cakes are delicious
Anton: Is now a TEENAGER (13) and an 8th Grader at Kealakehe Intermediate School and is growing with each passing day. He says his 8th grade year so far is Great! He enjoys his teachers and especially having his cousins & sister at school makes it fun =). He's exceling in his Scouting Program and also enjoys his Young Men activities. We're proud of you Anton!
Ephraim: Is now a Sophmore in High School (15 yrs old) He's been in Samoa now for 1 month and 3 weeks and loves life there! He's been practicing football now since he's arrived there, and is doing awesome! He's beginning this year's season playing both Defensive & Offensive End for Leone Lions...He's also been attending his Uncle Miki's ward (who is now a bishop), and has time to spend with his cousins too. He started school this past Monday and shared with me how different things are there. He seems to blend right in with the kids in school. I had to laugh because he told me what kinds of things they have for lunch.....(2 slices of bread with a slice of ham & a cold can of peas) hahahaha. I'm glad he is enjoying himself there. We Love & miss you Ephraim!

Monday, August 3, 2009


On Saturday, we were informed that a basketball team all the way from American Samoa were here for a championship tournament in kona. A few of the girls are related to Tony through Uncle Mativa Tupe....There were 4 coaches, 8 girls and 9 boys all high school ages. This came close to my heart just knowing that they would probably all run into Ephraim at one point or another back home in Samoa. there were 3 kids from Ephraim's village of Leone and the rest were from the surrounding areas..... They came, visited, enjoyed a scrumptuous BBQ dinner that Uncle Mativa donated for them =) and after, we were treated by song & dance.....most of which I was able to catch on video...I hope you enjoy this just as much as I did.....IT WAS A TREAT!