Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The Clay Mountains

A small portion of our certification training class in Phoenix



Since I last wrote, we have been extremely busy........well, should I say we all have been very busy... I left for training for my U.S. Airways GSC & CRO certification for my new position at Hawaiian Airlines... so I flew to Phoenix, AZ last Sunday evening (nov. 8) and returned home on Thurs (nov.12th). It was a fun class & I met so many new people from U.S. Airways from LAX, Denver, & San Jose. I passed all of my tests with flying colors and enjoyed our instructor's way of teaching us..... especially being that this is my 1st job with the airlines, I found it quite interesting.

Flying benefits is what I will enjoy the most working for Hawaiian Airlines, especially that my family can fly!! Not only that, but we receive benefits from different companies all over the west coast....

During my stay there, I also had the chance to visit with our dear friend Germaine and her husband. She cooked up some serious delicious food. (she loves to cook).... I enjoyed every minute of my visit with her as she toured me around her gorgeous renovated home that has been a completed project for her & her hubby for quite some time... they're so proud of their hard work.

I couldn't believe how many cactus there were there.........(well i guess so, it is desert after all)...there were clay mountains everywhere, it was as if we were in playdough land...hehehe. I couldn't get over how cheap gas was and also food in the grocery store... something I miss so much!!

Tony has also been busy with work and I thank him so much for his hard work & dedication in caring for our family!! I love you honey!!

Ephraim will be visiting us for x-mas break and we cannot wait.. it's been 7 long months and we all miss him so much...all 4 of our children have been doing fantastic in school, church and extra cirricular activities..........we are so very proud of them.

With the holidays approaching rapidly, our family is planning some fun things to do involving travel. Maybe a trip outer island on our days off and a little shopping in between..... exciting exciting exciting.!