Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We now have all 4 of our children home with us and what an experience we all have been through. Ephraim who is now 14 yrs old is the eldest of our children, at 6 ft 3 inches tall, he's now a freshman at Kealakehe High School. With paddling as one of his favorite sports, he's thinking of venturing into football and/or basketball within the next year or so. He has taken it upon himself to learn more about his heritage & culture and has since learned 2 new languages....(samoan & tongan) We're proud of him and his efforts in seminary, church and school. Love you son!

Anton who is 12 yrs old is eager to begin school once again at Kealakehe. His friends has embraced & welcomed him back into the "groove" of school......island style. He will be receiving his preisthood this coming Sunday and is able to pass the Sacrament next week. He has grown in so many ways and we're proud of all he does. Love you son!

Alafou, our 11 yr old daughter is the "princess" of the home. She has grown to be nearly 5'5 and is skinny as a twig (we'll have her fattened up in no time)...hahaha. Fou will be entering into Young Women this year. Her sense of humor keeps us all on our toes. Between our pedicures, manicures and hairstyles, she's keepin up with the fashion nowadays. She loves her Samoan culture and has recently learned to speak the language... We're proud of you Foufou.... Love you so much!

Baby Tony is......well, yes.......THE BABY of the family. Although he's the baby, don't let him fool you. He's organized, curious, funny, smart and very athletic. He will be 9 in May of this year and has so far fit right in. He's ANOTHER momma's boy and loves to cuddle at night in our bed. He is very inquisitive and always has a question ready for you about anything & everything..... We love you too son!

Last but not least, is our hanai son Jonah....we have taken him in under our wings since May of last year. He is definitely a part of our ohana and blends right in. At 16 yrs old, it makes him the oldest in our household (minus us old farts). He is a great example in all that he does, spiritually, physically and mentally. As an honor student at Kealakehe high school, he's also able to manage wrestling, polynesian dancing, seminary, and church. We are very proud of him and how much he has grown within the past 2 years. We love love you Jonah!