Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Inspiration

I was at work today and for some reason, was thinking about my mom.......for those of you who know her, Audrey (aka Stormy) was a Beautiful inspiration not only to myself, but to others as well. She lives through us.....her children & grandchildren and in most of our ways, we resemble her in all we do & say. We miss her very much and appreciate her for all she taught us growing up about discipline, hard work, proper etiquette, cleanliness, organization, just to name a few. But most importantly, she raised us in the Gospel, which we are so Thankful for. Not a day has passed since she's been gone now (8 yrs) that I don't think of her, in the choices and decisions that I make in my life I hope I can be just as equivelent as she was as a wife, mother, daughter and friend. I Love you MOM & miss you with all my heart!


Team 'Iloa said...

hey tara omg i also think about this awesome lady!! yes dido to everything u said, i find it funny that any time someone asks me to massage their feet i can smell almond oil!!! and crack up at how much fun that was. i miss her too and hope you guys know how much the keliiholokai fam means to me i love you guys aloha tom

Gina woodhouse said...

Your mom was awesome! I loved listening to the aunties play music and laugh, laugh, laugh! She was so much fun and truly wanted to know how i was doing and about my life. She really cared about us individually. Your girls are a great tribute to your mom!