Monday, May 18, 2009

Being Parents of Teenagers!

Hair gel, body spray, cologne, sweaty socks, wall posters, seminary, youth activities, firesides, football practices, cell phone bills, constant outdated wardrobes, dances, phone calls, myspace, youth conference, football camps, shopping etc ..........YUP! you got it.......we literally have 3 going on 4 TEENAGERS in our house.. It's a lot more fun than I anticipated and we are fortunate to have good kids! This year has been one of our busiest.......we are looking forward to Youth Conference coming up soon, football practices & camps as well. Tony & I have caught onto their excitement and support our children 200% in all they do! I am Grateful to have the opportunity to learn with my children as they grow & mature in life, not only physically, but spiritually, mentally & emotionally as well.

Although at times it may seem as if we are being hard on them regarding homework & grades, they handle themselves pretty well. TV is no longer an option in our home rather reading & homework is their first & only choice. I find it humorous to listen to the kids conversation with the younger ones about school, church & friends. When I think back & 'remember when' I was their in the world did my parents put up with me????? hahahahahaha j/k.... Heavenly Father has definitely blessed us both with patience, time, sacrifice & determination to teach our children according to HIM. I know that time is of the essence when it comes to parenting children. I'm no expert however I believe that to be true with all my heart. I can still remember being a new mom wondering if I will be just as great as my mom was to us?? I try everyday to live up to those expectations in all that I do for my far? I think I'm doing a pretty good job :-)


Carsen and Lesina said...

you are a fabulous MOTHER!