Friday, July 31, 2009

Fou is now in our Young Women program!!!

12 years old is such a good age........I remember so much I've learned since I turned 12, especially as a part of our Young Women's program in church. From cooking & cleaning, to working, babysitting, & service projects etc. It was a fun time of my life and just the beginning of being a TEENAGER.

Our daughter Fou has finally entered into Young Women after turning 12 years old last Tuesday. She's so excited to be able to participate in all the Youth activities such as Personal Progress, weekly activities, dances, dinners, awards, campouts & sleepovers..

I am the Beehive Advisor in our Kona 2nd ward and truly enjoy our girls so much. They teach me so much on a regular basis and just to see them grow in so many different areas of their lives as a young woman in the church makes me so happy to know that my daughter will be learning these same values..... I can't belive that I still remember our Young Woman theme... I thank our YW Presidency for their hard work and diligence in all they do. I have the opportunity to work with an Awesome Presidency on a regular basis...........Fou has so much to look forward to!

Last night our YW program welcomed in Fou with a Pool party & BBQ at our ward members house. The girls had a blast and swam to their hearts content... The food was ono!