Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our family trip to Oahu....

Much needed and long awaited, it was a short yet sweet mini vacation for our family.....We packed and left for Oahu to spend a weekend there seeing the sights, driving around the island and showing the kids my old stomping grounds. Since they've never been to Oahu, this truly was a treat!! We got the hook up from a good friend of mine (Thanks Boy!) to stay in Waikiki in a 2 bdrm condo that overlooked the city... we spent time eating, and driving and enjoying the sights of North Shore......We toured the visitors center at the Laie Temple as well as walked around BYUH for awhile.

We then headed over to the Polynesian Cultural Center where we practically spent the entire day walking through the villages, taking the canoe ride around, and indulging in the polynesian feast that was prepared for us. The highlight of our trip was the new night show called "HA"... meaning the breath of life......... it blew us away, the meaning, the dances, and everything, it was totally spectacular!!!

We're so Grateful that we had the opportunity to go, even though Ephraim was supposed to come but didn't... it's okay, we'll wait till xmas to see him very soon!

Enjoy the pictures that we took.......Love you all!!