Monday, March 30, 2009

The Best Things In Life....

With our struggling economy, some people assume that in order to enjoy time as a family, there is a price tag attached to everything.... I will have to disagree with that. Here in Hawaii Nei, we have so many activities to do as a family that have no cost that comes with it. With a family of 6, we are enjoying the many different things to do that is fun and very cost effective with our children especially that we're going into the 2nd week of our Spring Break..Between the beautiful beaches, the pool, library, parks, playing volleyball, family get-togethers and even having them re-organize their rooms & closets... We've been very creative *smile*... But one of my favorite things to do is to sit at the end of the day and watch the sun set from our house... This view is taken from our living room last night as my husband & I were sitting down in peace & quiet just reflecting on our family..... These small simple things are truly........THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE!!


Troy and Segi Worthen said...

oh my heck! that's a killer view of the sunset..can't get better than that.