Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ephraim's V-Ball..........Just the Beginning..!!

Yes, it's the beginning of Volleyball season, right before Football... So, they had 3 days of tournaments including the surrounding schools here on the Big Island...Although they did their best, they need more practice and have the entire season ahead of them. With this year being their first season in JV, they're learning the ropes, rules and regulations.. and especially with their coach (he cracks me up) he's a little on the softer side if you get my drift... It's hilarious to see his arms and hands whaling in the air while he proceeds to shout at the boys on the court.... I CRACK UP!! He's an Awesome coach and the boys seem to like him very much. Being that Tony played volleyball for a number of years, he plans to work closely with Ephraim to show him better techniques and skills that could help to improve his GAME! Anyway, so we've been packin up the cooler with drinks & snacks and going to support Ephraim...........WE LOVE YOU EPHRAIM and we're very proud of you!!
OH YEAH!! On our way down to the game on Friday night, I couldn't resist taking a few clips of our GORGEOUS sunset here in Kona... As we were driving my husband was laughing because "ONLY ME" can stick my arms out of a moving vehicle to take snap shots of the sun setting... hee hee.... It was BEAUTIFUL!!