Friday, March 6, 2009

YW Activity

As our Kona 2nd Ward Beehive Advisor in the Young Women's Program, our variety of Thursday night activities have helped with developing skills & talents for our girls. Last night's activity was soooo awesome! Our President Kalei Kam (sister of Gary Haleamau) famous Hawaiian musician asked a few family members and friends to come & play music for our YW as a write off in their personal progress books. It was awesome to hear backyard music....Hawaiian Style! It took me back to the days of going to Grandma & Grandpa Keliiholokai's house when we were young and listening to my uncle's and aunties kanikapila in the backyard with their ukulele's, bucket & stick base, and good ol' falsetto voices. Ahhhhhh it was music to my ears and I soo wish I would've learned how to play music like that. The older I become, the more appreciative of my Hawaiian culture I am. I thank Sister Kam for bringing me back to the good 'ol days, even if it was for only just ONE EVENING OF FUN!!!


Carsen and Lesina said...

I love how you always post food up. Im not kidding everytime I look at your blog I get hungry.

The pic of Raymond and boys I seriously thought Uncle was one of the lil boys LOL.

I bet you love YW. You do love culture.

Troy and Segi Worthen said...

I too love that about the polynesian culture but only if they don't sing like your husband Tony or Uncle Raymond.