Friday, June 12, 2009


Brother & Sister Groberg
Our Group of Boys & their leader

Can you believe? it's that time of year again........Ephraim & Jonah are attending the Youth Conference this year. It began last night with the youth being divided into groups of 5-8 kids and staying with their host families (locally here in kona). Tony & I volunteered to be a host family to a group of boys & their leader. We met them at last nights 'Ice Breaker' activity and also dinner/fireside featuring 2 guest speakers.........Brother & Sister Groberg from the movie "The Other Side of Heaven." It was an honor to hear them both speak of experiences throughout their lives, and as they shared with the youth how they both have been blessed for making righteous choices & encouraging them to serve missions and enjoy spreading the gospel to those around us everyday. Their wisdom & knowledge of the gospel is not only spiritual on a higher level, but he also puts it in a way to where the youth of today can relate with their own modern day trials & tribulations. His wife also shared her testimony with the youth and uplifted & edified them to continue on their journey in life knowing that they are the "Blessed" children of Israel.
My testimony was surely strengthened by attending this most amazing fireside..... After the fireside, we headed home with our 5 boys and their leader. Their locations ranged from Kona, Waimea, Kohala, Keaukaha, Hilo & Puna... We watched "Facing the Giants" while we enjoyed goodies, then closed with a family prayer......I'M SO GLAD WE WERE A PART OF THIS YEARS CONFERENCE! This event is 3 days long beginning last night & lasting through Saturday..... I'll keep you posted! Today, they will be cleaning the Veterans Cemetery while preparing for their dance tonite =)


Team 'Iloa said...

LOVE Youth Conference!
They are sooo lucky to have the Grobergs speak. I'm jealous!!!!